Zion Lutheran Church – Alva – Teacherages

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Zion Lutheran Church -Alva - First Church, Parsonage, and School.
Zion Lutheran Church -Alva – First Church, Parsonage, and School.


This blog reviews the teacherages of Zion Lutheran Church – Alva.[11]

Zion Lutheran Teacherages

Teacherage 1 (1901-1904)

This first church building, modest in its appearance, also served as a schoolhouse and a parsonage/teacherage.. Imagine the pastor and his family having to make sure that their underwear was put up and breakfast finished before the school children arrived in the morning. In

The April 19, 1903, voters’ assembly minutes show that it was decided to put up Pastor Meier, in an apartment, until a partition in the church/school/parsonage could be completed. In July of 1903 it was decided to build a parsonage relieving the pastor and his family from having to live in the church/schoolhouse, or relieving the congregation from having the pastor in the church/schoolhouse, depending on how you look at the matter. The two story parsonage was finished in 1904[2].

Teacherage 2 (1929-1955)

In 1929, a house with lot was purchased and remodeled at the cost of $3,000. This teacherage was located just across the street northwest of the school.

Zion Lutheran Church -Alva - Second Teacherage
Zion Lutheran Church – Alva – Second Teacherage

Teacherage 3 (1955-1967)

In 1955, the house serving as the teacherage was sold and moved to allow building of a new brick teacherage.

Zion Lutheran Church -Alva - Third Teacherage
Zion Lutheran Church – Alva – Third Teacherage

After the Zion Lutheran School was closed in 1967, the teacherage and lot were sold for $25,500.


Alva, Oklahoma.


  1. The contents of this blog were largely taken from Zion Lutheran Church – Alva, Oklahoma 100 year celebration book “Zion Lutheran Church 1899-1999 Alva, OK”.The texts were reformatted as well as various spelling, grammar and other modifications were made.
  2. See Also: Zion Lutheran Church – Alva – Parsonages at http://dalesfamilyresearch.kirmse.website/zion-lutheran-church-alva-parsonages/

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