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Pedigree Chart prepared by Kristina Kirmse
Pedigree Chart prepared by Kristina Kirmse

Welcome to my family history research  blog.  I set up this “Dale’s Family Research” blog to enable me to easily post genealogical tidbits and updates as I research my family history.

My Initial Interests

I have been interested in my family history for a long time. When I stayed with my Kirmse grandparents during the week for two years while I was in high school, they told me stories about themselves, their parents and other relatives.  I was interested and I did take some notes at the time.  Now 60 years later, I wish I had taken more detailed notes and asked more questions to which I am now looking for answers.

Prior Research

My father and stepmother researched their family histories during the 1970-1990 time period.  For my father’s side of the family, they teamed up with my aunt Norma (Kirmse) Rauh (my father’s sister) and his first cousin, Helen (Kirmse) Hacker, who still lives on the Kirmse homestead in Farrar, Missouri. They also visited relatives in Missouri and traveled to a Brunken reunion in Nebraska to collect information.By posting the photographs and captions along with related stories, it is my hope that this blog will not only preserve the documents and results of my research and will also provide a vehicle for sharing them with relatives and anyone else who might be interested.

When their granddaughter, Kristina Kirmse (then age 12) visited them for a month during one summer, my step-mother worked with Kristina to prepare the above ancestry pedigree for me.  They also prepared family group sheets for all of the families of the ancestors and descendants that they had information on. Kristina says that she and her grandparents worked from several boxes of notes and other materials. However, essentially all that I have of these files is the pedigree chart and the family group sheets – most of the files/documents that my parents collected are missing.

Fortunately, my parents shared their Kirmse family information with my Aunt Norma and Cousin Helen. In 2003 I visited Alva, Oklahoma and scanned the extensive files that my Aunt Norma had collected. In the fall of 2003 I visited Helen in Farrar, Missouri on my great grandfather’s Kirmse family farm and gathered documents and pictures from the Perry County Historical Society. Helen has since shared many documents and photographs with me.

Over the following years I have also collected resource materials about the family.  Various family members have been very generous in sharing information with me for which I am very grateful.  These documents and other resources formed the basis of my initial family research.

Long Range Plans

I anticipate that the content of this blog will eventually expand beyond the media that I have collected. If anyone knows of related family information, I would like to learn of the same so that the images and stories they represent can also be included here.