Annual Chicken Noodle Suppers

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One of the programs and fundraisers for Zion Lutheran – Alva is the annual Chicken Noodle Supper.

Men’s Club

The Chicken Noodle Suppers/Dinners were originated by the Men’s Club and they have continued to grow. Chef Pete Hort planned and directed the event with the help of Men’s Club members.

Circa 1950
Circa 1950

Originally the Chicken Noodle Suppers were held in the Lutheran School basement, but the need for bigger facilities has compelled the annual event to be held in a building at the Woods County Fairgrounds.

Ruth Circle

The Ruth Circle promotes the Christian fellowship of women in the church. Their mission is not just fellowship, but to also help and support Zion in its outreach to the community of Alva. They are now the organizers of the annual Chicken Noodle Suppers in October that regularly feed over one thousand people in the Alva Community.


Making Noodles

Tossing and Turning

Sacking the Noodles

Making the Broth

Serving the Dinners




Chicken Noodle Supper - 2017
Chicken Noodle Supper Preparation – Alva Review-Courier

Zion Lutheran’s annual Chicken Noodle Supper to be held Monday, October 23, 2017 – Alva Review-Courier, October 20, 2017

Fifty-eight members of Zion Lutheran Church spent Sunday afternoon, Oct. 15, making noodles for their annual chicken noodle supper. Two hundred and twenty dozen eggs and 1,450 pounds of flour were purchased from Alva’s Market to make the noodles. The chicken noodle supper will be held on Monday, Oct. 23, 5-7 p.m. in the Merchant’s Building at the Woods County Fairgrounds. Homemade chicken and noodles, relishes, bread, homemade pies/desserts and beverages will be served. Tickets may be purchased in advance and are also available at the door. Proceeds from the meal will benefit Lutheran Daycare, community projects and church needs.


You might also enjoy viewing a video of how the chicken noodles are made.(Adjust audio once video starts to hear the explanation)



The Chicken Noodle Suppers are one of the ways in which the member organizations have aided the church and community.


Alva, Oklahoma.


October – Annual


  1. This blog was largely taken from the Zion Lutheran Church – Alva, Oklahoma 100 year celebration book “Zion Lutheran Church 1899-1999 Alva, OK”.

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